A few workshops to look forward to

Elizabeth Cady Stanton:  Resisting the 'Everlasting No'" - Friday

Elizabeth Cady Stanton (1815-1902), often called the architect of the Woman’s Rights Movement, had something to say about all the great topics of the day. From dress reform and bicycle-riding to abolition, suffrage, and religious liberty, Stanton was always at the "center of the rebellion". Join a conversation with Elizabeth Cady Stanton, as played by Dr. Melinda Grube, as she reminisces about life as a rebellious daughter, an imaginative and loving mother, a brilliant suffragist leader, and a radical public intellectual.

Harriet Tubman - Saturday 

Maggie Moore is back again this year bringing Harriet Tubman to life! More details to come. 

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Fredrick Douglass - Friday 

Nathan M. Richardson is a published author, performance poet and Frederick Douglass Historian.  His work has been widely re-published in anthologies, magazines and newspapers such as the Channel Marker, The Cupola, Coastal Virginia Magazine and the Washington Post. The Frederick Douglass Speaking Tour a living history performance in which he captures completely the physical and spiritual essence of the former slave, writer, orator and abolitionist Frederick Douglass. You can find more about Nathan Richardson and his work at