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1. Mushroom Growing by Don Gasiewicz

2. Resin Crafts by Bonnie Bright

3. Restoring a Historical Cottage by Brad Huber

4. Intro to Pickleball by Mark Emerson

5. Line Dancing by Pam Fiegl

6. Architectural/Historical Walk by Sharon Pratt

7. Ladders to Outdoors by KeJuan Harmon

8. Broadcasting Workshop by Kate Welshofer, Ch 2 WGRZ

9. A Visit to the Coca Cola Museum by Dave Phillips Senior

10. Planting With a Purpose: Using Native Plants in The Garden by Jan Beglinger

11. Underground Railroad Presentation by Eric Szucs

12. Metal Detecting-What People Have Lost by Dan Baker

13. 3D Printing by Ray Lia

14. Forest Therapy by Chip Matthews

15. The Wonder of Trees by Professor Christopher Nowak

16. Labrinth Walk by Sue Russell

17. Impressionism by Dr. Patrick McGrady

18. The Gothic Cathedral: A Reflection of Medieval Christianity by Dennis Wimer

19. The Development of Christian Symbolism by Dennis Wimer

20. Watercolor Class on Fashion Plates & Costume by Mara Rooney

21. Making Theatrical Food Props - Fake Mini Desserts by Mara Rooney

22. Warrior House of Western NY by Susan and Peter Zeliff

23. Porch Chat - Doug Wilson -The Jello House

24. Porch Chat - Sharon Pratt - An Afternoon Tea

25. Porch Chat - Bonnie Bright - Native Plants/Gardening

26. Porch Chat - Kathy Schaefer -The Evolution of a Cottage

27. Porch Chat - Bill Schaefer - An Informal Discussion on SLI

28. Todd Jantzi, Antiques Appraiser

29. Mindful Slow Art by Linda Franke

30. Basic Herbal Remedies by Linda Franke

31. Plant Based Foods That Taste Good by Linda Franke

32. The History of Cordelia Green from Castile by Linda Franke

33. Music and the Mind by Barbara Bruce

34. Introduction to Artists’ Way by Sally Steinwachs

35. Acrylic Painting Workshop with The Lake Theme by Lori Longhany

36. Underground Railroad by Eric Szucs

37. LeRoy Barn Quilt talk

38. Rev Tony Hipes - Perry Methodist Church-Stained Glass Windows-off site

39. Perry Presbyterian and Congregational Church tour of stained-glass windows-off site

40. Energy Medicine by Susan Koehler

41. YOGA on the Green

42. Iris Watercolor Class by Adele Upton

43. “Joseph Ellicott” by Dennis Upton

44. “Chetzels” a food demonstration by Chet Fery

Look What's New for SLE 2024!!!
(subject to change)


NEW EVENING ENTERTAINMENT !!! (subject to change)

Thursday, August 1, 2024: Carnival Kids Steel Orchestra
Friday, August 2, 2024: Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra Ensemble (pending)

Saturday, August 3, 2024: Rochester Metropolitan Jazz Orchestra



AUGUST 1 - 3, 2024

(Save the Dates!!)

1. Greensware Pottery Class by Ed Green

2. Frederick Douglass by Nathan Richardson

3. Pioneer Cabin Tour by Bob Murphy

4. 3 To See Cottage Tours by Sharon Pratt

5. Lantern Walks by Lisa Schiske

6. Building Fairy Houses and The Fairy Path by Lisa Schiske

7. Painting on Glass by Bonnie Bright

8. Daily Morning Devotions by Local Ministers/Deacons

9. Porch Chats

10. Life Lessons Learned Through Journaling by Kate Stanford

11. Photographic History of SLI and Asbury by Bob Murphy

12. Bob’s Barn Chat by Bob Murphy

13. Bird and Garden Tour by Hans and Leslie Kunze

14. Harriet Tubman by Maggie Moore

15. SLI Lakefront Walk - Decks, Boathouses, and Gardens

16. Drum Circle by Jackie Swaby

17. Kayaking

18. Boat Tours

19. Monument Men and Women

20. Mary Jemison

21. Flower Arranging by The Perry Garden Club

22. Artisans Art Show

23. Open Swim

24. Creativity … by Barbara Bruce

25. Porch Chat - Dr. Patrick McGrady

26. Glen Iris Food Demonstration