​​​SESSION IV - 9:00-10:30 AM

   FRIDAY, AUGUST 9, 2019



7:00-8:45 AM- Continental Breakfast !

8:00-9:00- Onsite Registration 

7:15-8:15 AM
F1 “Birding and Gardening” 
By: Hans Kunze

Limit: 25 People

Enjoy early morning birding while you stroll through Hans and Leslie Kunze’s beautiful gardens. Hans will be your guide for both birding and gardening tips. Hans and Leslie will provide a light continental breakfast for participants. Directions and carpooling will be available- this is a 12-15 minute drive- well worth your time! 

7:30-7:50 AM
F2 Daily Devotion

By: Rev. Jackie Ann Rose Kraft 
Limit: 25 People

Come Worship the Holy One and prepare yourself so you can go out into the world to
be a Living Sanctuary for God.

F3 “Like Chocolate, A Little Stress is Good" 
By: Barbara Bruce
Limit: Unlimited 

A little dark chocolate is good for you, too much enlarges your hips... A little stress is good for you, too much harms brain and body. Discover proven strategies to deal with stress and enjoy some dark chocolate. 

F4 "Geocaching"

By: Michelle Widdel

Limit: 15 People

Geocaching returns to SLE!! Geocaching is a real-world, outdoor treasure hunting game using GPS-enabled devices. Participants navigate to a specific set of GPS coordinates, then attempt to find the geocache (container) hidden at that location. This workshop will provide the basic skills necessary to find geocaches. Participants will be provided a GPS unit to find hidden geocaches that have been placed throughout the Institute. This is a family friendly workshop. (Children must be accompanied by an adult.) 

F5 "Watercolors: Fins, Furs and Feathers" 

By: Mara Rooney, Scenic Artist @ Atomic Design                                                       

Limit: 20 People

In this specialized watercolor class, you'll learn the tools and techniques you need for painting animals. The class will focus on fish, birds, and mammals. Some basic watercolor experience recommended.

F6 “Daily Chaplain Presentation"    
By: Rev Jackie Ann Rose Kraft
Limit: Unlimited 

As visible reminders of the Holy, Chaplains in the Armed Forces directly or indirectly
provide for the free exercise of religion for those in the Armed Forces, their families and
other authorized personnel. In today’s diverse societies, Chaplains help people of all
religions or of no religious affiliation to keep Spiritual fit so they can serve most
effectively. Come hear how one Air Force chaplain did this as she served her Country.

F7 “Kayaking”

By: Asbury Retreat Center Staff

Limit: 10 People

Have you ever wanted to learn how to kayak? Or maybe you want to take some time to relax on the water. Participants will meet with the Asbury Camp staff for a brief lesson on kayaking and will then glide out onto the lake in an Ocean Kayak. Kayaks, paddles, and life vests with be provided. You may get wet! Ages 10 and up. ​

F8 “3 to See Cottage Tours”

By: Sharon Pratt, SLI Cottage Owner 

Limit: 12 People

BACK BY POPULAR DEMAND!!!! Early campers at Camp Wesley (1870’ s-90’ s) stayed in tents which were gradually replaced with cottages. The cottages range from original rustic to somewhat contemporary. These tours offer a walk through several cottages. (3 To See = 3 cottages) 

F9 “Approaching Elderhood” 
​By: Rev Donald Weaver

Limit: 30 People

Are you aware of the items you need to prepare to give you "Peace of Mind" as you grow into Elderhood? This workshop will provide you with a list of important information you may wish to pull together as you age. A document filled with information for each participant will be made available. As we age, we may lose the ability to make decisions about our future;being prepared for this eventuality can provide “Peace of Mind” for you, your family, and your friends. Discussion and question time will be provided. 

F10 "Contemplative Photography"

By: Nancy Wilson

Limit: 20 People

“Contemplative Photography” is about creating images that reflect a personal sense of what life is all about for the photographer. It is about richly seeing and enhancing one’s understanding of life through the lens of a camera. It is not about “shooting” but “receiving” images that you are drawn to by your heart. This experience will take you off the usual “snapping” path into a process of image creation followed by reflection on the personal meaning of the image received. All camera models and levels of experience are welcome. ​

F11 “Breadtime Stories and More-Taking Steps to a Life of Kindness”

By: Chet Fery, "Kindness Coach"

Limit: 20 People

Chet Fery, aka the Bread Man, is returning to the Silver Lake Experience in 2019 in a new role as "Kindness Coach". Join him for a few hours to explore the power of kindness, determine your "Kindness" quotient and develop your plan to fully integrate kindness into your life. The event will be transformational and life changing! Expect storytelling, a bread lesson, a loaf of bread and much, much, much more! ​

F12 " Caveat Emptor: Further Tales of Forgeries in the Art World"

By: Dr. Patrick McGrady, Penn State

Limit: 40 People

Museum curator, Dr. Patrick McGrady, returns to the Silver Lake Experience with more stories about fakes and forgeries and the artists who perpetrated them. The lecture features an account of the most notorious art forger of the twentieth century, who managed to pull the wool over the eyes of the Nazis during World War II and live to tell about it—but only narrowly. Other narratives include how the trade in fake paintings led to the demise of one of New York’s most prestigious art galleries, and how the work of an admitted yet unprosecuted American forger continues to play a detrimental role in the art world today.

F13 “Make & Take Floral Arranging”
By: Lisa Seewaldt 

Limit: 15 People

Come and join florist Lisa Seewalt from Ash-Lin's Elegant Rose Florist shop in Warsaw, NY in creating a Fresh Garden Arrangement to take home with you. Consider a Mother/ Daughter team as Lisa guides you through making this arrangement. We will supply the vases and floral supplies. 

F14 “Park Games”

By: Asbury Staff 

Limit: 20 People

Come energize yourself and make new friends as you join with others to play some interactive outdoor games. All ages and skill levels welcome! 

F15 “Photography Experiences and Techniques”

By: Jim Montanus, Professional Photographer

Limit: 40 People

Jim Montanus, voted once again Rochester’s #1 Photographer for 2018, returns to SLE. Jim will share some of his favorite photos while discussing his unique experiences as well as sharing some common mistakes and some easier techniques to capture “the shot”. Jim encourages participants to come with their photography questions. ​

F16 “All About Honeybees & Honey”

By: Deb Welsh, Cornell Cooperative Extension, Warsaw, NY

Limit: 30 People

Learn how honeybees “thrive in the hive”, why we love honey and how important these critical pollinators are for us. Taste a variety of honeys and make your own honey product to take home. Come and enjoy this family friendly workshop.

F17 “Boat Tour of Silver Lake”

By: Asbury Staff 

Limit: 10 People

Enjoy the Silver Lake view from the lake while listening to the legend of the sea serpent and other long and short tales!​

F18 "The Samantha Zaldivar Case, A True Crime Memoir 

​By: Laurinda Wallace and Steve Tarbell

Limit: 30 People

Author, Laurinda Wallace and former Wyoming County Sheriff’s Investigator, Stephen Tarbell, will share the inside story of their collaboration in writing, Too Close to Home: The Samantha Zaldivar Case, along with details of this high-profile murder investigation. The 1997 disappearance of seven-year-old Samantha Zaldivar galvanized the Western New York Community and multiple law-enforcement agencies to find Samantha. As the facts surrounding her disappearance and tragic death unfolded, the case gained national attention and remains Tarbell’s most memorable case of his career with the Wyoming County Sheriff’s Office. This workshop is a unique opportunity to delve into the behind-the-scenes work of a criminal investigation. 

F19 "Bad Girls of The Bible Part 2"

By: Barbara Weaver 

Limit: 30 People

Those Bad Girls of the Bible are back! Come and join Barb, Suzanne and Esther as they help us "dig" into some steamy stories of our Biblical sisters. You may even encounter a few who are visiting Silver Lake that day. 

F20 "Bob's Barn Chat: Life in a Ten Cent World" 

By: Bob Murphy, SLI Historian 

Limit: 10 People

Join Bob in his toy filled barn and engage in a chat about when a dime was money (1900-1962)!! Bob will discuss some of his collection of 10 cent toys and more from the 1920’s to the 1960s. This is a family friendly presentation. 

F21 "Silver Lake Through the Generations"

By: Nancy Sellar, SLI Resident 

Limit: 15 People

This walking tour will explore some of the history surrounding SLI through six generations of a single family and the (exteriors of) six cottages they have occupied over time. Your guide, Nancy Sellar, is a fifth generation Silver Laker. 

F22 "Food Demonstration: Morluski's!

By: Jeannine Morlacci, Owner, Morluski’s Polish/Italian Restaurant, Attica, NY

Limit: 20 People

Join Jeannine as she demonstrates how to create a traditional Italian food and a traditional Polish food. 

F23 "Introduction to Woodworking"

By: Tom Pedlow, Local Craftsman 

Limit: 20 

This workshop is for anyone interested in woodworking as a hobby. Some of the topics covered will be native woods, tools, sanding, joinery, glues, and finishing, Participants will be able to view and handle small projects. Questions/discussion encouraged.

F24 "Our Response To Poverty Needs to be More Personal"

By: Pat Standish, Coordinator, Community Action Angels

Limit: Unlimited 

What does it mean to be living in poverty? Extreme poverty or destitution refers to the complete lack of the means necessary to meet basic personal needs such as food, clothing and shelter. Therefore, the threshold at which relative poverty is defined varies from one country to another, and one community to another. Surprising to some, more children growing up in rural areas are poor compared to those from urban areas. Learn more about the statistics of poverty. Join us in a challenging conversation about our personal responsibility and our abilities to create change 


F25 12:20-1:30 GROUP LUNCH 

​Participants will be able to enjoy lunch in the dining setting of Koinonia or they
can pick up their lunch at Koinonia and bring it down to the Asbury or SLI lake

F26 "3 to See Cottage Tour" 

By: Sharon Pratt, SLI Cottage Owner 

Limit: 10 People

Early campers at Camp Wesley (1870s - 1890s) stayed in tents which were gradually replaced with cottages. The cottages range from original rustic to somewhat contemporary. These tours offer a walk through several cottages. (3 To See = 3 cottages) 

F27  “Boat Tour of Silver Lake” 
By: Asbury Staff 

Limit: 10 People

Enjoy the Silver Lake view from the lake while listening to the legend of the sea serpent and other long and short tales! 

F28 “Discover Wyoming County: 200 Years of Historic Architecture”

By: Cynthia Howk

Limit: 40 People

Discover the rich architectural heritage of the towns, villages, and countryside of  picturesque Wyoming county. The slide talk will present an overview of architecture from the early 1800s to the present, including houses, farms, churches, schools, summer cottages, cemeteries, commercial properties - and more! 

F29 “Self Discovery Through Journaling ”

By: Kate Stanford, LMHC, NCC, CCTP

Limit: 20 People

Join me to learn ways to tap into your inner voice and begin the journey towards a happier, more fulfilling life. I am a mental health counselor who uses journaling techniques in my practice to help people process challenges in their lives and move in new, often unexpected, directions. I will be sharing with you several the techniques that have been very helpful in the process of self- discovery. We will be exploring different styles of journaling and helping you to get past the fear of having to “do it right”. Discover the fun you can have in taking yourself to a deeper level. This workshop will be a combination of discussing techniques and an opportunity to see what resonates most with your inner self. 

F30 “Write Your Own Obituary”

By: Linda Franke

Limit: 20 People

This sounds like a thankless task, but it is truly an opportunity to share what a fabulous and interesting person you are!! Our family and friends often know us in one or two phases of our lives, and forget-or have never known-the rest of that wonderful life journey you have travelled. Linda was inspired to lead this seminar by her grandparents. Lovely people, they were just what you might expect grandparents to be. Who knew Grandma was the skeet shooting champion for Mecosta County, Michigan? There are lots of stories within you that people would love to hear-take this opportunity to share the stories closest to your heart.

F31 "The Photographic History of Silver Lake Institute"

By: Bob Murphy, SLI Historian  

Limit: 30 People

Bob will discuss his passion of preserving the history of SLI through the photographs he oversees in the historic Hoag Memorial Art Gallery. This photo presentation will include the Silver Lake Railroad, The Institute, and the Walker Road area. Bob will include a question/answer session and artifacts as well as photographs.

F32 “Progressive Knitting- The SL Sea Serpent”

By: Tina Turner 

Limit: 20 People

Silver Lake Sea Serpent Scarf Knitting Class!
Learn to knit your very own Sliver Lake Sea Serpent Scarf!
Taught by Silver Lakes own, Tina Turner!
Sign up for 1, 2 or all 3 classes, each participant will receive a free copy of this original pattern,
designed just for the Silver Lake Experience.
The class is designed for the adventurous beginner or intermediate knitter.

If you are not able to come day 1 don’t worry, each day will start with Tina helping the new ar-
rivals begin the scarf, and continue to help the rest of the class continue on there way!

This reversible scarf will begin with an I-cord cast on and will have I-cord edges, with a sea
serpent winding his way across the length of the scarf. The serpent will be in stockinette stitch
on a reverse stockinette background. Lots of fun skills to learn!
The scarf will be worked using 2 skeins of DK weight yarn (about 400+ yds) so it will be nice
and warm and a fairly quick knit. You will be so happy you attended, this is the perfect gift or
be the first on your block to sport your very own Silver Lake Sea Serpent Scarf!

When the cold winds blow and you bring out your Serpent Scarf, you will be so glad you at-
tended! It will remind you of your wonderful weekend participating in the Silver Lake Experi-

Class One: Begin with the I-cord cast on and then the beginning of the scarf.
Class Two: Continue with the scarf, or if this is your first class, begin with the I-cord cast on.
Class Three: Continue with the scarf, or if this is your first class, begin with the I-cord cast on.

F33 “Tour of "The Elms:*Located in Warsaw*" 

By: Barb Aker 

Limit: 20 People

Travel back in time with a guided tour of "The Elms", a historical mansion in Warsaw, NY. Built in 1884, the home's architectural design is stunning and highlights the workmanship of the era. Each room tells a story and yes, that includes a few Ghost Stories! Enjoy a walk through the Carriage House and grounds, as you enjoy refreshments from current owners Barbara and Jim Aker.

F34 "Open Swim" 

By: Asbury Staff/Pool
Limit: 50

Cool off in the beautiful Asbury Pool...lots of room for swimming and relaxing. Lifeguard
will be on duty. Children under 12 must be accompanied by an adult. 

F35 "Introduction to Haiku"

By: Nancy Wilson

Limit: 20 People

Back by popular demand! This experience, led by Nancy Wilson, will include both reading and beginning writing of three-line poetry. Haiku writing is a way of reflecting with words an insightful moment in which you have quieted your mind and listened to your heart speak. Writing a Haiku poem is a way of giving your soul an opportunity to reveal itself. Exercises will be provided to help get you started on this inspiring path. 

F36 "Porch Chat, Secrets of Mystery Writers Revealed"" *SOLD OUT* 

By: Author Laurinda Wallace 

Limit: 15 People

Laurinda Wallace, native of Castile, NY, and author of Gracie Andersen mystery series, shares her writing escapades in creating traditional mysteries. Her experience as a former paralegal along with real life events have shaped the series set in Wyoming County. Bring along your questions and join Laurinda for this cozy and casual session of conversation about mysteries to die for.

F37 "Porch Chat"

By: Dr. Patrick McGrady 

Limit: 20 People 

Join Dr. McGrady in an informal discussion continuing the topic of forgeries in the art world and other art related topics.

F38 "Relax on the Lakefront" 

Limit: Unlimited 

Why go to an event on a beautiful lake and never get a chance to enjoy it?? Spend some time relaxing at the lakefront either at the Asbury sundeck, the SLI Blue Dock, or SLI greenway. Chairs and benches will be available for you to sit back and take in the beauty and serenity of the area. 

F39 "Language, Writing and Thinking" 

By: Dr. Ken Henning 

Limit: 20 People 

Some writers have said they don’t know exactly what they are going to say until they actually see it written down. This suggests that writing is not simply the process of recording our thoughts on paper, but, rather, that writing can be part of the process of our thinking.  Language is intrinsically tied to our thinking. When our language moves into the mode of writing, our thinking enters into new dimensions. Some of these dimensions are obvious, others are quite subtle. This workshop will identify some linguistic factors that affect the writing/ thinking process.

F40 "Planning and Planting with Native Plants to Improve our World Limit" 

By: Ellen Folts, Owner of Amanda's Garden 

Limit: 20 People 

Learn what you can do in your yard to bring beauty and sustainability to your greenspaces Ellen Folts, Senior NYS Certified Nursery and Landscape Professional will share her skills and knowledge about native plants and their role in improving our world. 

F41 "Lemuel Maynard Wiles  'The Art Of Nature’
Mike Buda, Local Amateur Historian 

We will examine 19th century Hudson River School artist Lemuel Maynard Wiles and how he is related to Silver Lake, Perry, and Letchworth State Park.


6:30-7:30 PM
F42- 1950s  Ice Cream Social

Join everyone for a pre-concert old fashioned ice cream social. Get into the mood for the 50s and 60s music of Ruby Shooz! Wear your retro clothes, pose next to classic cars, and enjoy the ice cream served both in the Asbury Snack Shack and the Epworth Cafe!



Ruby Shooz, a group of maniac musicians has been thrilling audiences for over 20 years! With the energy of teenagers, they bring back the great sounds from the 50s and 60s and even some newer classics. Come enjoy a blast from the past! Wear your 50s or 60s clothing! There will be a dance floor area for those who can’t sit still! Enjoy your Friday night like the good ole days!!!

*Note: Space is limited for some sessions. Registration 
is taken on a first come first serve basis. 

​​​​​​​​​​SESSION VI - 2:00-3:30 PM

​​SESSION V- 10:50 AM-12:20 PM

​​SESSION VII - 4:00 PM-5:00 PM