WORKSHOP DESCRIPTIONS

                                             SATURDAY, AUGUST 12, 2017


7:30-8:00 AM

S1 Daily Devotion 

​“The Art of Kindness”
Chaplain Mark Harris

Location: Asbury Dock

Limit: Open

Chaplain Mark will speak on kindness as taught by the Bible--the ability for us to touch God’s heart and the hearts/lives of His creation by being genuinely kind.

7:30-8:45 AM - Continental Breakfast - Epworth Hall


SESSION VIII - 9:00-10:30 AM

S2 Five Cottage Tour
Guide: Sharon Pratt
Location: Epworth Hall                                         MAXIMUM ENROLLMENT REACHED
Limit: 10 People

Early campers at Camp Wesley (1870’s-90’s) stayed in tents which were gradually replaced with cottages. The cottages range from original rustic to somewhat contemporary. Enjoy some historical and interesting stories from Sharon and cottage owners while touring 5 unique Silver Lake Institute cottages.

S3 “Is the Church Dying in America Today?”

Rev. Tom Kraft

Location: Epworth Hall

Limit: Open

Churches are closing, the average age of parishioners is getting older. And the church seems to have disappeared from the public discourse. Is the age of the Christian church over? What can we learn from the past? What is the church becoming in America? And will we have a church to worship in twenty years from now? We will explore these and other questions in our time together.

S4 Cottage Crafting: Fruit Quilt

Barb Aker

Location: Willmott  

Limit: 40 People

Learn to make a Fruit Quilt for your cottage. Basic quilting instructions will be covered as well as help with fabric selections and textures to create a delicious “bite” of Summer. Turn traditional quilt blocks into watermelon, apple, orange, lemon or lime fun additions for your cottage decor.

S5 Creative Cottage Design 

 Julie Ciferni, Interior Designer

Owner of Cottage Philosophy Design LLC & Julie Ciferni Interior Design

Location: Willmott

Limit: 40 People

Learn about our own unique Silver Lake Style of architecture and how to use elements on your own cottage exterior. Discuss where to find and how to create cottage decor on a budget. Bring your photos and ask questions about curb appeal, furniture layout, decorating and more!  

S6 “Time-Based Art and the Recovery of New York after 9/11”
Dr. Tom Sellar, Professor, Yale University

Location: Koinonia  

Limit: 40 People

The September 2001 attacks on the World Trade Center killed 2977 people and destroyed an entire section of lower Manhattan. During its 15-year recovery, New York City has re-imagined public spaces while facing unprecedented development and rising economic inequality. Critic, curator, and professor Tom Sellar looks at the problems and opportunities for the city’s artists and at some of the projects they created in response -- with an emphasis on performance, theatre, and time-based art. Are terror and gentrification linked in the political imagination? Did the attacks end New York’s bohemia -- or did real estate prices end it? And why might theatre be an important barometer of the city’s healing?

S7 Creative Cottage Cooking

Travis Barlow, Executive Chef,  Jacquie Billings, Event Manager, Hole in the Wall, Laura Sutter, Sales Manager, East Hill Creamery

Location: The Manor

Limit: 30 People 

Experience a delicious cooking lesson using fresh local ingredients.
The operators of the famous Hole in the Wall Restaurant and the new East Hill Creamery will collaborate on creating a wonderful meal that participants can reproduce. The presenters will demonstrate how to use the unique ingredients found within miles of Silver Lake to create satisfying cuisine in your own kitchen. (Space is limited for this popular session!)

S8 Watercolor Basics

Artist Mara Rooney                                           MAXIMUM ENROLLMENT REACHED

Location: Hoag Gallery  

Limit: 10 People

In this class you will learn about the tools and basic watercolor techniques you will need to get started in creating beautiful watercolor paintings of your own. No prior experience needed. A family friendly workshop.

SESSION IX - 11:00 AM-12:30 PM

S9 Quilting Class: “Delightful Watermelon Accessories”
Susie Baker, The Carriage Quilt Shop East Aurora, NY 

Location: Willmott  

Limit: 40 People

Join professional quilter and shop owner Susie Baker in making several adorable items to add to your cottage decor. She will teach you how to make a watermelon pincushion, placemats, retro kitchen apron, and a15 minute table runner. Instructions will be provided as part of the workshop. Kits will be available at a minimal cost.

S10 “Poverty – Through the Eyes of a Child”

Pat Standish, Div. DirectorWyoming County Community Action, Inc.
Founder of Angel Action

Location: Willmott  

Limit: 40 People 

Children living in poverty cannot lift themselves up and out. They struggle to be heard and understood. They struggle to not “feel less than” but “equal to.” The discussion will focus on how we can help children to be successful in school and in life by moving beyond stereotypes and judgment to a deeper understanding of childhood poverty. We’ll explore the positive impact we can make by seeing life from their perspective and communicating in their language -- both so very different from what we might believe to be true.

S11 “A Taize Service of Prayer, Music, and Meditation”
John Novak, organist & minister for music and Rev. Tracy Daub, Pastor 

University Presbyterian Church, Buffalo

Location: The Manor
Limit: 20 People 

Too many of us lead hectic lives. Our communities are filled with violence and suffering. Our personal pain and struggles can overwhelm us. How do we respond? How can we cope? We welcome Christians from all traditions to unite in a special contemplative worship experience as we seek spiritual strength (for the living of our days). Based on the style of worship practiced in the Taize Christian community in France, this service provides an oasis for all who are weary, troubled or rushed. Special music, meditative songs, candles, and scripture reading allow each of us to find a quiet place of prayer and spiritual centering: “A time of silence.”

S12 Write your Own Obituary

Linda Franke

Location: Stoody Hall

Limit: 40 People

This sounds like a thankless task, but it is truly an opportunity to share what a fabulous and interesting person you are!! Our family and friends often know us in one or two phases of our lives, and forget (or have never known) the rest of that wonderful life journey you have traveled. Linda was inspired to lead this seminar by her grandparents. Lovely people, they were just what you might expect grandparents to be. Who knew Grandma was the skeet shooting champion for Mecosta County, Michigan? There are lots of stories within you that people would love to hear; take this opportunity to share the stories closest to your heart.

S13 Wild Flower Arranging

Lisa Seewaldt, Ash-Lin’s Elegant Rose

Location: Koinonia  

Limit: 75 People

This workshop will teach participants about flower identification and care of your flowers. Learn how to make your flowers last longer. Lisa will demonstrate the art of making a centerpiece. Kits will be available for a minimal cost. This is a family friendly workshop.

S14 “Get Ready for the Wildlife!”

Genesee County Park & Forest Staff

East Bethany, NY

Location: Burt Park  

Limit: 25 People

Learn about the amazing adaptations of wild animals as you see them up close and personal. Find out how they escape predators and meet the challenges of migration as you play "wild" games with your family! This program involves running, playing and a little bit of silliness. Live animals will be included in the presentation. This is a family friendly, educational workshop.

12:30-1:30 PM - GROUP LUNCH AT KOINONIA (no extra charge)

* 1:00-5:00 PM *

SESSION X - 2:00-3:30 PM

S15 Kayaking

Asbury Staff

Location: Asbury Waterfront

Limit: 10 People

Have you ever wanted to learn how to kayak? Or maybe you want to take some time to relax on the water. Participants will meet with the Asbury Camp staff for a brief lesson on kayaking and will then glide out onto the lake in an Ocean Kayak. Ages 10 and up.

S16 Contemplative Photography Workshop

Nancy Wilson

Location: The Manor  

Limit: 20 People

“Contemplative Photography” is about creating images that reflect a personal sense of what life is all about for the photographer. It is about richly seeing and enhancing one’s understanding of life through the lens of a camera. It is not about “shooting” but “receiving” images that you are drawn to by your heart. This experience will take you off the usual “snapping” path into a process of image creation followed by reflection on the personal meaning of the image received. All camera models and levels of experience are welcome.

S17 Fishing on Silver Lake

Bob Conolly, Adam Koziel, Michele Widdell & friends

Location: Koinonia  

Limit: Open 

Learn the latest fishing techniques used by some of the local fishing folks on Silver Lake. Casting, still fishing, and trolling methods will be discussed to help you gain more success on our beautiful Lake.

S18 “Seeking and Finding the Spirituality In and Through Social Justice Ministries”

Dr. William & Mrs. MaryJane Russell, Rev. Greg Franklin

Location: Willmott  

Limit: 40 People 

This workshop will seek to be sensitive to the needs and questions of its participants while pointing out the essential nature of social justicein the Christian Scriptures and some strong, motivating Scriptures evolving around it. The group will seek to expand upon its understandings of spirituality and its relationship to human emotion and human action. The group will help to name social justice ministries that are either already important to them or who seek to identify some of what they include. Ideas for starting or joining social justice ministries will be discussed and personal experiences shared.

S19 “Building Resilient Minds and Families: Helping Vets & Families Re-adjust to Life After Active Service”

Chaplain Mark Harris

Location: Willmott

Limit: 40 People

Homecoming: Returning warriors and their families face many unspoken and hidden struggles when they come home. These struggles can lead to very serious and dire circumstances such as PTSD, divorce, addiction, financial hardship and even suicide. Let's shine a loving light on these issues and discuss them from the perspective of veterans and families. Let's learn how to not only welcome them home, but to help ensure they regain their lives.

S20 “Visual Communication & Sign Language”

Molly Anthony

Location: Stoody Hall  

Limit: 40 People

Join Molly, a teacher of the deaf and hard of hearing for over 30 years in mainstreamed settings, as she highlights the visual components of communication vital to conveying any message. Have fun learning how facial expression and body language enhance your communication and learn some basic sign language. This is a family friendly workshop.

S21 Five Cottage Tour

Guide: Sharon Pratt                                                    MAXIMUM ENROLLMENT REACHED
Location: Burt Park

Limit: 10 People

Early campers at Camp Wesley (1870’s-90’s) stayed in tents which were gradually replaced with cottages. The cottages range from original rustic to somewhat contemporary. Enjoy some historical and interesting stories from Sharon and cottage owners while touring 5 unique Silver Lake Institute cottages.


SESSION XI - 4:00-5:00 PM

S22 Boat Tour of Silver Lake

Asbury Camp Staff & Ken Hennig                  MAXIMUM ENROLLMENT REACHED

Location: Asbury Waterfront

Limit: 11 People

Enjoy the sights of Silver Lake from a cushioned seat on the Asbury Camp’s pontoon boat. Sit back and relax as you listen to the legend of the sea serpent and other tall (or short) tales.

S23 Open Swim

Asbury Camp Staff

Location: Asbury Camp Pool

Limit: Open

Cool off in the beautiful Asbury Camp Pool...lots of room for swimming and relaxing. Lifeguard will be on duty.

S24 “Woodwork Talk”

Tom Pedlow

Location: Stoody Hall  

Limit: 30 People

The Shaker communities made oval wooden boxes for over a hundred years. The boxes were used by the Shakers as well as sold to the general population. This workshop will use techniques that show the entire process of making an oval box. Some discussion of the Shaker Society will take place throughout the demonstration. This is a family friendly, educational workshop.

S25 Porch Chat on Poverty

Pat Standish

Location: Manor Porch

Limit: 20 People

Join Pat to continue the discussion on poverty and children.

S26 Silver Lake Artisans Annual Art Show

Location: Hoag Gallery

Limit: Open

Come browse during the last hour of the Silver Lake Artisans annual art show and sale down at the lakefront in the historic Hoag Memorial Art Gallery.

(Local restaurants and Asbury Retreat Center options are available)





*Note: Space is limited for some sessions. Registration 
is taken on a first come first serve basis. 

The Silver lake experience