8:00-9:15 Registration/Continental Breakfast! 
9:15-9:45 Opening Remarks/Welcome/Housekeeping/Scavenger Hunt Rules/Fill the Boat Details

"Fill the Boat"- Wyoming County Community Action Angels Food Pantry will be the recipient of our Fill the Boat Campaign. They are recognized as a "Healthy pantry." Food items that they ask for reflect healthy eating, such as: Canned Fruits & Vegetables, Proteins (Nuts & Canned Meats), Whole grains (Crackers, Cereal), easy grab and go snacks for kids (Applesauce & 100% juice), and healthy side dishes that are easy to prepare. “We encourage all SLE participants to bring food supplies to Fill the Boat for our community support “ Thank You! 

T1 “Geocaching” 

By: Michele Widdel & Ken Wallace & Ron Sitler 
Limit: 15

Geocaching returns to SLE!! Geocaching is a real-world, outdoor treasure hunting game using GPS-enabled devices. Participants navigate to a specific set of GPS coordinates, then attempt to find the geocache (container) hidden at that location. This workshop will provide the basic skills necessary to find geocaches. Participants will be provided a GPS unit to find hidden geocaches that have been placed throughout the Institute. This is a family friendly workshop. (Children must be accompanied by an adult.)

T2 “Tour of East Hill Creamery"

By: Gary Burley, Owner & East Hill Creamery 

Limit: 20 People

Join owner, Gary Burley, for a tour of our facility while you learn about the conception of East Hill Creamery, Alpine style cheese, and the cheese making process. Finish off our tour with a look in our massive cheese-aging caves and a tasting. ​The Creamery is about 1 mile from SLE- Directions will be given. 

T3 "The Barn Building Legacy of JT Wells & Sons" 

By: Katie Andres & Barb Chapman & Dick Thomas 
Limit: Unlimited 

John Talcott Wells (1843 – 1932), a native of the Town of Wheatland in Monroe County, NY, invented an ingenious method of barn building that departed from traditional post and beam construction. Instead, his method, patented in 1889, used a system of laminated trusses that balanced inward and outward forces, creating soaring, open spaces allowing access to the interior by horse-drawn wagons. The Wells family built at least one hundred of these majestic structures between 1889 and 1946, most of them in Monroe County and Western New York. About fifty of them are still standing.  

Barb Chapman will provide historical background and biographical information about the amazingly talented J. T. Wells. Katie Andres will use vintage photographs and original Wells drawings to describe in detail the structure of the barns and the construction process. Dick Thomas will use his barn photographs to illustrate the importance of Wells Barns in our agricultural history and to our local rural landscapes.  

T4 “Fresh Water: Global to Local Considerations and Stakeholders Roles” 
By: Frank V. Bright, Ph.D., Co-Chair 

Silver Lake Association & Water Quality Committee 
Limit: 20 People 

Our world is very thirsty. According to the World Health Organization, each person on Earth needs over 12 gallons of water each day for their basic needs (e.g., drinking, food growth and preparation, sanitation, and personal hygiene). Despite Earth’s abundant water resources, scientists estimate that 4 billion people - more than half Earth’s current population – do not have enough water for at least one month each year, and 500 million people do not have enough water throughout the entire year. Factor in climate change and a global population expected to reach 10 billion by 2050, and it becomes clear our Earth will only get thirstier.

To quench this thirst, scientists and engineers have been developing and searching for solutions to the growing problem of water scarcity. This presentation aims to point out key issues, highlight select new efforts that are being implemented to address the water shortfall and describe efforts each of us could undertake to help. ​

T5 "The History of Elbert Hubbard and the Roycroft Movement"

By: Alan Nowicki, Program Director & Roycroft Campus                                                
Limit: 40 People

Working in the late nineteenth century, Elbert Hubbard, a soap salesman, would be a catalyst for the Arts & Crafts movement in America. After being inspired by a trip to William Morris’s Kelmscott Press in England, Hubbard would return to East Aurora, N.Y. and build his first Roycroft Shop in 1897. Combining his strong business sense and the Arts & Crafts ideals, he would create an industry of hand printing, illuminating and bound books. Within a few years, the Roycroft Shops would undergo multiple expansions and produce a variety of handcrafted art including furniture, copperwork, and stained glass. Although the Roycroft would close due to tragedy and the Great Depression, a renaissance has begun. Come hear the stories of the rise, fall and rebirth of this National Historic Landmark, located in Western New York.
T6 “Introduction to Watercolors” 

By: Mara Rooney. Scenic Artist @ Atomic Design 
Limit: 12 People

In this class you will learn about the tools and basic watercolor techniques you will need to get started in creating beautiful watercolor paintings of your own. No prior experience needed. A family friendly workshop. 

T7 "3 to See Cottage Tour"

By: Sharon Pratt, SLI Cottage Owner 

Limit: 12 People

BACK BY POPULAR DEMAND! Early campers at Camp Wesley (1870s - 1890s) stayed in tents which were gradually replaced with cottages. The cottages range from original rustic to somewhat contemporary. These tours offer a walk through several cottages. (3 To See = 3 cottages) 

T8 " Glen Iris Dessert Demonstration-Better than Strawberry Shortcake." 

By: Glen Iris Inn, Casey Brown 

Limit: 20 People

Better than Strawberry- puff pastry with macerated strawberries and key lime cream, topped with whipped chevre.

T9 "Finding Your Light to Brighten The Darkness" 

By: Rev, Myra Brown, Pastor, Spiritus Christi Church 

Limit: Unlimited 

“In this presentation, I will speak about my journey towards creating a Civil Rights Park and a Black Community Focus Fund in Rochester, New York. I will give voice to the stories, lives, struggles, and resilience of those we listened to on a Race Convoy trip in 2017 and of the ancestors on whose shoulders we now stand. Each of us is called to find our light in the darkness we see around us. It is my hope that this presentation and discussion will allow participants to be inspired to find their light to brighten the darkness which creates dispossession, disinheritance, and division within the human family.” 

T10 "Jamaican Culture" 

By: Jackie Hoyt. Executive Director, Arts Council of Wyoming County 

Limit: 30 People

Jackie will give a brief overview of the history of Jamaican folk songs and perform several of these songs with guitar and drum. She will also perform the folk song that highlights Jamaica’s National Dish, which she will cook during the performance. Participants will be invited to taste this dish and other unique Jamaican treats. This program is presented in a format that encourages meaningful audience participation. 

T11 "All Things Nature" 

By: Doug Bassett , Park Naturalist, Letchworth State Park 

Limit: 20 People

Join Doug on a pleasant walk around the grounds of Asbury Retreat Center as he discusses the past, the present and the future of the nature around us and opens a dialogue on how we interact with our environment, He will identify plants, trees and bugs as he answers your questions. This is a family friendly activity.

T12 GROUP LUNCH - 11:45 AM-1:00 PM


T13 "The Watercolor Experience” 

By: Sanda Tyler, Local Artist 

Limit: 12 People 

This class is about having fun with color, water and paper; it’s about selfexpression and creativity!! We all have a child like artist within just waiting to come out to play! Leave the critic home and come enjoy your free-spirited inner child! Watercolor is the perfect medium for this as you learn to go with the flow! 

T14 “Contemplation and Meditation” 

By: Keith Kristich, Meditation Instructor 

Limit: 20 People 

Contemplative prayer is a method of meditation rooted in the Christian mystical tradition. It is the opening of one’s self to the divine mystery that is alive within all. Although rooted in the Christian contemplative tradition, no religious belief is required to practice this simple and direct method of meditation.

T15 "Pioneer Cabin Tour" 

By: Bob Murphy, SLI Historian, Wyoming Historical Pioneer Association
Limit: 20 People


This Workshop will begin with a short history of the Walker area and its relationship to the Assembly Grounds (Silver Lake Institute) from 1872 to the 1950s. Following the brief presentation, there will be a tour of the 145 year-old museum, 100 year-old school house and the church building from 1834. This is a family friendly, educational tour.

Please note: Following this presentation, there will be a portrayal of “Erie Canal Sal” from 4-5 PM on the Pioneer Grounds. 

T16 “Traditional Tabletop Floral Designs” 

By: Perry Garden Club 

Limit: 12 People 

The Perry Garden Club will be presenting a class on techniques for a step by step tabletop floral design that participants will make and take home with them. This is a beginner class that will discuss the elements of design for floral arranging. All materials will be provided. 

T17 "The Universals of Islam"

By: April & Bayram Arman
Limit: 30 People

This workshop will include a discussion of the basics of Islam and how to differentiate culture and faith which are often times intertwined. The meanings of Shariah and Jihad will be explained with plenty of time for questions and answers. 

T18 “Bookbinding"

By: Alan Nowicki, Roycroft Campus  
Limit: 20 People

Did you know a book can be a work of art? Participants in this workshop will explore the possibilities of using handmade books to express their ideas. We will learn a brief history of the book, the terms and tools used to make them, and create 2-3 sample books using different “structures,” such as the concertina or accordion book. The class will be shown a variety of ways these techniques can be expanded upon to make even more elaborate books to be used by them or given away as gifts. 

T19 “Boat Tour of Silver Lake”

By: Staff of Asbury Retreat 
Limit: 10 People

Enjoy the Silver Lake view from the lake while listening to the legend of the sea serpent and other long and short tales! 

T20 "Tour Of Stowell Gallery and Local Artifacts  

By: Jessica Pacciotti, Perry Library Director  

Limit: 10 People

Visit the Perry Public Library to get a tour of the Stowell-Wiles Art Gallery as well as the library’s local historical collections. Library Director, Jessica Pacciotti will give a presentation on Lemuell Wiles and talk about current projects with the historical collections. 

T21 “The Women of Portage Falls and Letchworth Park” 

By: Leonora Letchworth and Thomas Cook

Limit: 40 People 

When the history of the popular Letchworth State Park along the Genesee River is told, the story often centers on the men who played pivotal roles in the development of the lands once known as Portage Falls, such as the park’s great benefactor, William Pryor Letchworth. But what about the women? Historians Leonora Letchworth and Tom Cook will answer that question as they use photographs, diaries, and other sources to tell the stories of several important women who helped shape the history of the modern day Letchworth State Park. 

T22 “Puppetry: Animating the Inanimate" 

By: Josh Rice 

Limit: 25 People

In this 2-hour workshop, participants will design, build, and manipulate their own puppets. Puppetry is the art of animating the inanimate or giving life to an object that was once lifeless. Through breath, eyeline, focus, and micromovement, students will learn basic manipulation techniques, from ancient Japanese traditions, to contemporary American practices. Contemporary adult puppetry is a multidisciplinary art form that is fairly new in the United States; it is part visual art, part physical theatre, and part dance. Come breathe life into your own creation. Workshop is appropriate for ages 10 and up and is family friendly. 

T24 "Open Swim"
Asbury Camp Staff 
Limit: 50

Cool off in the beautiful Asbury Pool...lots of room for swimming and relaxing. Lifeguard will be on duty.

T25 "Kayaking"

By: Asbury Retreat Center Staff 

Limit: 10 People

Have you ever wanted to learn how to kayak? Or maybe you want to take some time to relax on the water. Participants will meet with the Asbury staff for a brief lesson on kayaking and will then glide out onto the lake in an ocean kayak. Kayaks, paddles, and life vests with be provided. You may get wet! Ages 10 and up. 

T26 "Daily Devotion" 

By: Rev Myra Brown, Pastor, Spiritus Christi Church

"Learning How to Wait on God"

Limit: 25 People 

The idea of waiting is often viewed as a passive exercise but is it? Mary Gordon, once said, “Waiting is the great vocation of the dispossessed." In this devotion, we will explore the purpose, power, and position of waiting and its call to descend more deeply into self, God, and prayer in addressing social justice issues that disturb our souls.  

T27 "Porch Chat with Alan Nowicki/Roycroft Campus"

By: Alan Nowicki/Roycroft Campus

Limit: 20 People

Join Mr. Nowicki in an informal setting to discuss the Roycroft Art Movement and the current Roycroft Campus. 

T28 " Erie Canal Sal Portrayal" 

By: Gretchen Sepik" 

Limit: 25 People

Sal is a fictitious character based in part on Old Black Nell who was a cook on the canal in the year 1840. She speaks in an Irish brogue and weaves Irish folk tales into facts about the Erie Canal. You will laugh as you learn about one of the engineering wonders of the world. Gretchen has adapted the original script for this program into a children’s book titled, Erie Canal Sal. This is an interactive family friendly presentation.  

T29 "Porch Chat on Islam"

By: April and Bayram Arman

Limit: 20 People

Join April and Bayram in an informal setting as they answer your questions on Islam. 

T30 "Lakefront Chat on Silver Lake Institute "

By: Sharon Pratt 

Limit: 25 People 

We will try to imagine Silver Lake in early times, move through history to present day-ending in upstairs Hoag Memorial Art Gallery. We will hand out copies of “What used to be here”

T31 "Porch Chat"

By: Doug Bassett, Naturalist, Letchworth State Park

Limit: 20 People

Join Doug to chat about nature & Letchworth State Park. 

T32: Progressive Knitting- Silver Lake Sea Serpent 

By: Tina Turner 

Limit: 20 People

Silver Lake Sea Serpent Scarf Knitting Class!
Learn to knit your very own Sliver Lake Sea Serpent Scarf!
Taught by Silver Lakes own, Tina Turner!
Sign up for 1, 2 or all 3 classes, each participant will receive a free copy of this original pattern,
designed just for the Silver Lake Experience.
The class is designed for the adventurous beginner or intermediate knitter.

If you are not able to come day 1 don’t worry, each day will start with Tina helping the new ar-
rivals begin the scarf, and continue to help the rest of the class continue on there way!

This reversible scarf will begin with an I-cord cast on and will have I-cord edges, with a sea
serpent winding his way across the length of the scarf. The serpent will be in stockinette stitch
on a reverse stockinette background. Lots of fun skills to learn!
The scarf will be worked using 2 skeins of DK weight yarn (about 400+ yds) so it will be nice
and warm and a fairly quick knit. You will be so happy you attended, this is the perfect gift or
be the first on your block to sport your very own Silver Lake Sea Serpent Scarf!

When the cold winds blow and you bring out your Serpent Scarf, you will be so glad you at-
tended! It will remind you of your wonderful weekend participating in the Silver Lake


Class One: Begin with the I-cord cast on and then the beginning of the scarf.
Class Two: Continue with the scarf, or if this is your first class, begin with the I-cord cast on.
Class Three: Continue with the scarf, or if this is your first class, begin with the I-cord cast on.

T33: To be Announced 

Coming Soon 


T34: Concert Desserts by Glen Iris Inn @ Epworth Cafe 

T35: Concert- THURSDAY EVENING PERFORMANCE at Historic Epworth Hall 


Petite Offrande Musicale (1955)

Nino Rota (4:00)

Aires Trophicales (1994)




Vals Venezolano

Paquita D’rivera (24:00)

Dizzyness Afro



Summer Music (1955) Samuel Barber (12:00)
Roaring Fork (1993) Eric Ewazen (18:00)
Whitewater Rapids (Maroon Creek) Columbines (Snowmass Lake) At the Summit (Buckskin Pass)

The RPO WIND QUINTET has performed many concerts and demonstrations in Rochester area primary school and community centers, at RPO Galas, and on the RPO Summer Serenade Series. Specializing in programs that engage and inspire, the group’s varied and diverse repertoire ranges from the classical Western European tradition to works inspired by the traditional music of China, Cuba, Africa and the US. Composers who have written specifically for the wind quintet are Jacques Ibert, Paul Hindemith, Carl Nielsen, Fancis Poulenc, and Samuel Barber. The vast catalog of arrangements for quintet include repertoire of J.S. Bach, Beethoven, Brahms, Mozart, and Scott Joplin. The RPO Wind Quintet features Rebecca Gilbert,

Principal Flute; Anna Steltenpohl, Oboe/English Horn; Andrew Brown, Clarinet/Bass Clarinet; Matthew MacDonald, Principal Bassoon; and Stephen Laiffer, French Horn

*Note: Space is limited for some sessions. Registration 

is taken on a first come first serve basis. 

​​​​​SESSION I - 10:10-11:30 AM

​​​SESSION II - 1:30-3:20 PM

​​​​​SESSION III - 4:00-5:00 PM